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luveskane page

Pretty pictures in my mind

11 March 1970
I hate these biography things in general but here goes.
I am a 43yr old mom of 4 kids. I love to read anything I can get my lil hands on. I like doing crafts such as jewelry making and quilting when the weather is bad or the kids are sleeping.My favorite bands are Matchbox twenty ,Paolo Nutini,Poe, and Christian Kane, though I love most any music except most rap. I also love to watch movies. In general I guess I am a media whore lmao.My favorite shows right now are Walking Dead, Hannibal and Once Upon a Time. my celebrity crushes include Norman Reedus,Jamie Dornan,Colin O'Donoghue, Christian Kane, Stuart Townsend,Jensen Ackles,Joe Flanigan, Hugh Dancy, Misha Collins,Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill and Rob Thomas .